How to automate your social media content using Airtable, BannerBear and Zapier

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What is Airtable?

Airtable is an awesome tool that acts like a spreadsheet but also makes it very easy to get data in and out of your spreadsheets through integrations with other apps.

What is Bannerbear?

Bannerbear is an API for generating images. You design a template (or grab one from the library) and then feed in data using the API to generate images based off that template e.g. with different texts, colors and background images.

What can I do with Airtable + Bannerbear?

If you're creating social media assets over and over again based on a particular template, you can use Bannerbear to automate this process. Organize your data on Airtable, click a button to import into Bannerbear, and watch all your images get magically generated!

This way you can do all your content planning for clients entirely in Airtable using just text, then when you're ready to produce the assets for posting, you just click one button.

And all of this using #nocode!

Sample images

By the end of this tutorial you'll have automatically generated images like this:

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