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GoodBarber is an App Builder that allows beginners as well as experienced developers to create the ideal app from an intuitive and complete No-Code development platform.

No skills required:

Our tool makes it possible for you to build an app without any technical skill in coding with its interactive and easy-to-use interface. It is adapted for every profile and skill level; the only necessary resources are your creativity and your ideas.

A no-limit conception:

Possibilities are infinite through our tool. Create a true project with your ideas. More than 500 functionalities are available and only you can decide whether to add them into your app or not! You want a chat in your app to create a strong bond within your community? Push notifications to keep your users online? It is possible! We have a wide add-on catalog to allow everyone to create the no-limit app they imagined and add every functionality they want to.

Design & User’s experience:

More importantly, an app design must be attractive and catch the user’s eye, but it also should reflect the company’s visual identity. That is why GoodBarber allows you to personalize your app as much as you want to by adding your logo, your pictures, and your own icons. Also, there are many ready-to-use templates for those in a hurry. Moreover, a large icon library is available to bring life into your app! The intuitive and complete interface is designed to make app creators’ experience better as well as future users’ experience.

A complete eCommerce platform:

Best eCommerce Mobile App Builder to get your online store on the Web, Google Play & App Store.

Perfect for all local businesses: boost your sales, grow your local client base

  • Designed for mobile. Deliver the best user experience on eCommerce: seamless navigation, speed, one-click payment, notifications.
  • One-Stop-Shop eCommerce Platform. Manage your PWA, Android & iOS apps from a unique back-office & benefit from complete eCommerce features.
  • Instant Time to Market. No coding skills, no expert evaluation, no hidden process. You may begin your app immediately.
  • We manage the technical part. Continuous innovation included!

We are present on all fronts :

GoodBarber allows you to build native apps for Android and iOS. GoodBarber helps you distribute your app on the two largest app stores: Google Play and App Store.

Furthermore, it allows you to create a web app on Progressive Web App format. Your PWA will be published on the web so users can visit it from an URL on their web browser with no downloading being required. Our technology allows your App to be adapted to the user’s screen giving them a unique experience. It is also possible

An offer for mobile app resellers

GoodBarber's Reseller program is for those who wish to create applications with the aim of reselling them to their clients. Our "Unlimited Apps" reseller program allows you to create as many apps as you want. The apps you create are white-labeled: With the Reseller subscription, you can remove any mention of GoodBarber in the back-office. To guide you in your "App Reseller" activity, we provide you with a dedicated section of our blog, as well as video tutorials, and the GoodBarber Academy, a training and skills development platform. Finally, a dedicated "Reseller" customer success team is at your disposal to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

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The Verdict:

GoodBarber surprises and delights with one of the easiest app building interfaces I've used. Their addons are packed with power, such an in-store checkout function, geolocation functionality and a full in-app e-commerce system. If you want to build iOS/Android native apps or sell products from a mobile app without a learning curve, GoodBarber is the platform for you!

How do I know which tool is right for me?

When considering a no-code tool, we always recommend taking 4 key factors into account:

Ease of Use - How easy is it for a non-technical person with no coding skills to use this tool to make apps? Is there a big learning curve? Can someone who has a basic grasp of Microsoft Office also get a grasp of this tool? Or does it require a lot of up-front training? This is perhaps the most important factor to consider.

Flexibility - How much flexibility does this tool have in terms of what you can build? Can it handle complex decision-making behind the scenes and allow you to bring any app idea to life without any coding at all?

We award extra points here for tools which allow you to integrate with other tools for extra functionality, or let you add your own custom code. Consider whether or not all of your desired functionality is supported by a tool before you use it!

Design-Freedom:  Does the tool give you full freedom to bring a design to life? Not all No-Code tools have complete flexibility. Remember, this can be a double-edged sword! If you're not confident in your design abilities, you may wish to pick a tool with less design freedom, as often these tools will set beautiful defaults for you.

Glide is a great example of this, you can customise the branding colours and the order of components, but Glide ensures your design stays looking like a proper app appropriate for either the iOS or Android platform.

Cost-Effectiveness: Simply, how affordable is this tool? Remember, this can get complex - Some tools will start with a trial while you build, but charge you to publish your app live. Other tools have specific limits, such as a certain number of records in your database or not being able to integrate other tools into your app without paying extra. As long as you can afford the lower tier plans and have a solid monetisation for your app, don't worry too much about "scaling" or long term costs as often you'll have income in future to supplement these.

Remember - A low score in any one category does not mean the "tool" is bad - For example, a tool with high ease of use, but low flexibility and design-freedom could simply indicate that this tool is incredible easy to use and perfect for a beginner who doesn't have mountains of decision-making into their app. It could also mean the tool is focused on being the best tool on the market for a very specific type of app, like a portal or marketplace.

Make sure you check out our individual reviews for more information on why we decided on these tools

Explore Our Rating

Ease of Use

1 = Lots of training or experience required, 5 = Can get up and going immediately with no prior knowledge or computer skulls

Cost - Effectiveness

1 = Prohibitively expensive or unscalable pricing plan. 5 = Free or incredibly high value for money with a low price of entry. Note this score is decided relative to peer tools in the category


1 = Few or no features, unable to make anything custom, little-to-no integrations with other tools or platforms. 5 = Completely customisable, lots of integrations with 3rd-party tools, easy to add your own features, logic and even code, if needed


1 = Choose from pre-designed templates only, little-to-no design customisations available. 5 = Complete, pixel-by-pixel customisable design - usually very easy to completely replicate a design from Figma, Photoshop or Sketch

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